Dear communicator

Just consider how much time and effort is spent on direct interaction with customers, investors, business partners, journalists, government officials, special interest groups and other key stakeholders.

Efficient engagement with audiences everywhere is crucial for any organization. But as much as this is an opportunity, it takes a lot to get it right.

AudienceOne offers strategic advice and hands-on support. Whether you are preparing a speech, an announcement or when you need to advocate your position or respond to an incident or emerging public issue.

AudienceOne helps you plan for public speaking in three steps: your audience, your message and you. First, we will help analyze your audience and understand their expectations and concerns. Second, we will help you develop a message that will resonate. Third, we will prepare you for a solid and convincing delivery.

AudienceOne works for you with a network of specialists in communications. For communications training AudienceOne partners with Wixted Pope Nora Thompson & Associates, L.P. (WPNT). WPNT is an international communications agency (based in the U.S.) with decades of experience in making leaders great communicators.

Dimitri Schildmeijer,
Managing Director